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Animate your site with CSS3 - The latest Cascading Style Sheet Standard now allows you to control simple animation from your style sheets. By adding a few lines of code to your CCS file, you can now animate any element of your page, including dancing images and scrolling headlines. Check out the CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet for examples of these and instructions on how to use them.

Follow - Identify and Follow everything your competitors are doing online with 1-Click. Download this free cross browser extension.

PageSpeed Insights - Analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster.

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator - Allows you to generate great title suggestions for your email subjects, blog posts, articles and much more!

If you need to test how your website looks on different mobile devices, then try these free tools:-

  • Screenfly - Test Your Website at Different Screen Resolutions. Test your website on any screen size including desktops, tablets, televisions, and mobile phones.
  • Mobilizer - Preview mobile websites, design mockups and local HTML on iPhones, Android, Blackberry and HTC platforms.
  • The Responsinator is designed to test responsive websites on different device resolutions.
  • Mobile phone emulator (by COWEMO) - Mobile phone emulator that enables you to test the display of any website in many cell phones.

Valuesite.org is a free site checker for web stats and website worth. How much is your website worth?

WebsiteOutlook - Want to find the value of your website? Then use this free to use site to finds it's true value!

Website Hosting

Jimdo - Allows you to create a free website, with unlimited pages, unlimited bandwidth and the option to set up a simple shop.

onbile - Allows you to easily create mobile-friendly versions of your sites.

Website Editors

Creating and editing your website is now easy with these free WYSIWYG website editors.

BlueGriffon - The next-generation Free Web Editor based on the rendering engine of Firefox.

NVU - A complete Web Authoring System for Linux Desktop, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh users to rival programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver.

PageBreeze - A free fully featured and easy to use visual (WYSIWYG) HTML editor for creating web pages.

Kompozer is a totally free WYSIWYG web page editor.

Splash Page Creation

AdKreator allows you to design professional looking Banners, Website Buttons, Peelaway ads, Splashpages and more from easy to edit templates.

Instant Banner Creator - Create Banners, Headers, Footers, Buttons, Splash Pages and more with this free tool. They even host them for you for FREE!

Instant Splash is now FREE! You can have 3 splash pages, you can also add your videos and images, add autoresponder form code, create Flash and Static Banners and brand yourself.

Splash Wizard - Allows you to create stunning looking mobile and tablet ready splash pages and capture pages. Join for free and give it a try, and if you like it then you can upgrade for $9.95 per month. You will then be able to create unlimited fully hosted pages. Pro members earn 50% commissions and 25% for free members.

Website Search Engine Optimization

Once you have your site online, you need to know if it is formatted correctly and Search Engine friendly. By using the below tools you can test your website and make improvements to increase the rank of your site.

Search Engine Optimization Myths

  • Small young sites cannot outrank older and more established sites.
    If the site you create is more relevant to what the searcher is after then Google will rank it higher no matter what the age or size. Google only delivers what it sees is most suitable to the searchers needs.
  • Maintain a specific % of keyword density in your content.
    Google only rates content on how relevant it is to the search in question, and will not penalise you for having too many keywords in your content as long as it is relevant and will benefit the searcher.
  • Building links too quickly will get you banned/penalized.
    As long as you build your links naturally and do not use the same specific keywords for all your links then the search engines will not penalize you for this. eg. If a major news story breaks, Google does not block the content as 1000's of links will be created to that story all over the web.
  • Google does not value the 'Meta Data' tags that you enter on your site.
    Google does use this meta data and usually uses the Meta Description tag to display in the search results, so still enter any relevant meat data you can into your sites.
  • Links from relevant sites are more popular than from sites in other niches.
    Google can't tell the relevance of a link, and so this is not too important. If your site is recommended from a completely different niche, then this only adds to the quality of your links as they are saying your site has content that is worth visiting.
  • Duplicate content will get your site banned.
    This is completely false as you can use articles etc. from other sites as long as it is relevant to your site content and what the searcher was searching for. Don't believe the hype that you need to make all your content unique and change content just to get ranked. Good quality relevant content is good content.

The above helpful information provided courtesy of reducethehype.com

Free Search Engine Optimization Tips

  • Check your site is not banned from Google by using the Google Banned Checker Tool. There is no point optimizing a site that Google has not accepted.
  • Check different aspects of your website like page rank, metatag data, and links. Use the below tools to do this:-
    iWebTool: Web Tools - Free Webmaster tools to improve and check your site.
  • Site Readiness Analyzer - Check to see if your web page is optimized for the search engines. This free online tool will check your metatags and page content for errors. Results will not only include errors found, but will also offer suggestions for improvement!
  • Web Page Analyzer - 0.98 - from Website Optimization - Free Website Performance Tool and Web Page Speed Analysis.
  • Site Analyzer - Use the site analyzer to get a comprehensive report of your site. It's fast & free! Optimize your site for specific keywords. There is no point having a site that is optimized for low search volume keywords.

  • Google Keyword Tool - Allows you to optimize your site for the most popular keywords in your niche.

  • SemRush.com - Find keywords from competitor sites.

  • Create a XML Sitemap. This is a special sitemap for use by the search engines and can greatly improve the way the search engines index your site and make sure all pages get indexed.
  • Create relevant back links to your site from other ranked websites. You can check you links with a Link Popularity Checker. You can get quality links back to your site by submitting it to many of the online directories.

Other Free Search Engine Optimization Sites

BrowserShots - Browsershots makes screenshots of your web design in different browsers.

Quarkbase.com - Quarkbase is the best way to find website information contributed by website owner, lover and the Internet Community.

Website Grader - Website Grader is a free SEO tool that measures the marketing effectiveness of a website. It provides a score that incorporates things like website traffic, SEO, social popularity and other technical factors. It also provides some basic advice on how the website can be improved from a marketing perspective.

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