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What is a Traffic Exchange

Traffic Exchanges are websites where you get rewarded with credits for viewing other members websites. You can then use these credits to promote your website to them. Traffic Exchanges are great sites to generate free traffic to your own site.

Many people don't like Traffic Exchanges simply because they don't rightfully understand exactly how to use them to their advantage. You can generate a steady flow of leads and cash to utilize as working capital.

Traffic Exchanges should be utilized merely to generate traffic and eventually new leads.

Traffic Exchanges are also a great way to make new contacts as you get to chat with other members while you are surfing.

Study the following report "TE Profits" by Scott Douglas and learn how to generate your own cash flow daily with Traffic Exchanges.

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Alternative Traffic Exchange

Traffup - A traffic exchange where you get points for viewing other peoples sites. You can then use these points for a place on the listing. The more you bid, (up to 50 max) the higher your place on the listing.

Recommended Traffic Exchange Tools

Click Track Profit
Click Track Profit - Highly recommended for newbie marketers. Free traffic exchange training site which use videos to teach you how to profit from traffic exchanges
TE Command Post
TE Command Post - Monitor all your traffic exchange credits from a central command centre. Outstanding resource and if you are a regular traffic exchange user a tool which no-one should be without.
TrafficCodex.com - Free advertising to the top traffic exchanges and Viral List Builders, etc. Produce numerous referrals to a variety of sites with just one link.
We All Promote
Weallpromote.com - Viral Traffic Co-op Site which allows you to add 2 sites and a banner (with unlimited impressions). Can also send Solo ads to all members.
FreeRotator.com - A Free easy to use rotator creator for all your URL's. Autoresponder, Ad Tracking and Forwarding for upgraded members.

Traffic Exchange Tips and Advice
  • Never attempt to promote your primary business opportunity in traffic exchanges
  • Do not use sales pages and standard affiliate pages in traffic exchanges. They tend to be to long and most people either have seen them or they don't have time to read through volumes of information.
  • Use Splash pages, preferably with an opt-in form to promote your offer. Splash Pages are quick to load, have only a few lines of text and links to your site with your affiliate link. Create your own Splash Pages and a lot more with Instant Banner Creator or AdKreator.
  • Use squeeze pages with an opt-in form which contains a little more information but gives the opportunity for the prospect to start receiving follow-up messages from your auto-responder almost immediately. You can create superb squeeze pages with Instant Squeeze Page Generator where you can create your pages and get products to promote as an affiliate for free.
  • Surf exchanges with more users as this will mean you will get more exposure and your site will get a lot more impressions.
  • Use a browser like Chrome or Firefox which allows you to surf in multiple tabs. This will speed up your surfing time as there would be no need to wait for pages to open.
  • Surf multiple sites with an exchange utility like TE Command Post using the Commando Surf option. This generates bonus credits which you can use with your other credits to get more impressions for your sites you are promoting.
  • Make use of your banner and text link impressions. Use normal credits for your banners and text links and not your impressions.
  • Use trackers to follow up on your campaigns and establish which campaigns perform the best. Several are available but I recommend either the Real Tracker at  LeadsLeap and there is also a rotator available or you could use the tracker and rotator available at BuildaBizOnline or you could use the Free Rotator.com.
  • To keep track and easily manage your banners you can use Intelli Banners where it is easy to only change a few single banners in one place without going to each site seperately.

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