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Certain Traffic Exchanges have an extra benefit. You can also send solo ads from them. One such site for example is List Surfing. Not only do you get the benefit of surfing for credits but you can also send solo ads from here to a list of several thousand members.

An added benefit is that not only do you have to surf or open email ads at the normal rate of 3:1 or 10 credits for 1 view but with some of these sites there is a twist. In actual fact you get ten times the traffic to your site than which you have normally received with most mailers and safelists. The credit ratio on these sites are also much more than on ordinary mailers and safelists and you also get the added advantage of banner and text ad advertising with some of them.

Another benefit is that these sites are ironically enough great list builders too and they out perform their mailer and safelist counterparts more often than is expected.

If you use both mailers, safelists and traffic exchanges for generating traffic then you would love these sites.

List Surfing
6 visitors to your website for each website viewed

Splash Page Surfer
10 views for every email read

Ads Clicks Profits
75 to as much as 250 points for viewing different types of ads. Signup to get $300 worth of Free Ads. use promo code welcome

Cash Traffic Machine
70 to 200 points for viewing different types of ads
Earn 1,000 credits for logging in and 900+ for daily bonus
Signup and get $300 worth of Free ads. use promo code: secret

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