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(Last Update August 1, 2017)

Big5 Challenge Cup


Top Achiever
CTR - 10.47%
Big5 Rating : 5


Build My Downlines
CTR - 9.88%
Big5 Rating : 5

CTR - 7.95%
Big5 Rating : 5

CTR - 6.94%
Big5 Rating : 5

CTR - 6.46%
Big5 Rating : 5
State of the Art Mailer
CTR - 5.99%
Big5 Rating : 5
List Surfing
CTR - 5.66%
Big5 Rating : 5

CTR - 2.47%
Big5 Rating : 3

CTR - 2.42%
Big5 Rating : 3

CTR - 2.3%
Big5 Rating : 3

Performing Mailers Overview

The above Mailers have been measured on their performance over the period:

 1 July 2017 to 17 March 2017
(Please take note that the results for this period was measured from date of signup until the time when I withdrew to build this site. These results will be updated once the mailing process has started again)

Number of emails send for each mailer have been calculated by finding a common denominator thus calculating the factor with which the mailer would perform if the same number of emails was sent to each mailer.

Attempts will be made with time to come to provide conversion rates from the CTR for each mailer.

Quality of performance is measured on what has been dubbed the Big5 scale and rating is done on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is poor and 5 excellent.

  • 0.1% to 1.0%  = 1 - Poor
  • 1.01% to 1.99% = 2 - Below average
  • 2.0% to 2.99% = 3 - Average
  • 3.0% to 4.49% = 4 - Good
  • 4.5% and above = 5 - Excellent
The above are calculated and determined through fifty mailers and safelists utilized by this company. Results are not set as the industry standard and may drastically change should other mailers and safelists are taken into consideration. However we are confident that the fifty sites considered are the top sites in the industry.

These are the worst performing mailers and safelists
Whitelist Email Marketing
CTR - 0.5%
Big5 Rating : 1
Cash Traffic Machine
CTR - 0.06%
Big5 Rating : 1
Viral Cash Multiplier
CTR - 0.00%

Big5 Rating : 0
Sites which does not increase performance within 40 days will be abandoned.

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