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PLR - Private Label Rights


Private Label Rights Terms and Conditions

Non-Transferable Rights

By implication this term means that which ever rights you have received from your supplier when obtaining a product you can NOT transfer those rights to your customer in any way.

Example: Say for instance you have received "Non-Transferable Private Label Rights" with a product titled - "How to Fish" - then you have the right to change the product content, the Cover and whatever it is you want to change in the product. You may even add new pictures. However, you may not transfer any of these rights to your customer.

In other words your customers rights will be limited to "Personal Use Rights". They do not have the right to modify or sell the product or even give it away.

Personal Use Rights - PR

When buying or receiving a product with basic Resale Rights it simply means one can enjoy the content of the product but one does not receive any rights with the product.

In other words you may NOT change the content, reprint it in whole or in part, sell it or even share it. In other words Personal Use Rights means use of the product is limited to the receiver of the product only.

Unrestricted Rights

As indicated in the term this means that the product can be utilized in whichever way one please. "Unresstricted Rights" means that there are no limits to and NO list of "Do's and Dont's" accompanying the license.

A license with "Unrestricted Private Label Rights" simply means you may modify the product in any way you please and there are No restrictions on the form of distribution you may apply.

However, though "unrestricted" is a rather clear term be sure to confirm in your license what these terms imply as there are some product creators who do slip in some or other restriction to the use and distribution of the product.

Rebranding Rights

With Rebranding Rights the modification of a product as such is limited to those parts of the product to which the product creator permits you.

Normally receiving "Rebranding Rights" to a product will authorize one or all of the following contained in the product.
  • Ammend any or all of the affiliate links contained in the product.
  • Add your own links to the front or the back of the product.
  • Add your name to the product by adding "Brought to you by" or "Presented by" [Insert Your Name]
  • Adding a short message or an "About the Author" page to the product.

Depending on the type of license received with the product you may sell or give the product away. The latter is the more common practice.

Giving "Rebranding Rights" with a product is usually given to affiliates to provide them with a backend income from distributing the product. Product Creators will usually also include a PDF rebrander like ViralPDF Rebrander with the product to simplify the process.

Giveaway Rights - GR

Usually Rebrand Rights will include Giveaway Rights. This means you have the rights to distribute the product freely. In other words you could give the product to visitors, subscribers, as a bonus to another product or to your own affiliates.

However, "Giveaway Rights" does not give you permission to modify the content of a product except for the relevant affiliate links. You may usually modify the product if you have received Private Label Rights with the product.

Confirm in your license whether you have Private Label Rights to the product. If this is not clearly stated then accept that you Do NOT have Private Label Rights with the product.

Reprint Rights

With Reprint Rights permission is given to publish (reprint) an article, eBook, report or other text document which was previously published elsewhere.

Examples of this is articles found on article directories such as (ideamarketers.com) where you can usually find articles with Reprint Rights.

Reprint Rights usually authorize the reprinting (publishing) of content somewhere else but restricts the selling of the information contained in the document. This is usually also applicable to the modification of such document. In other words, you may NOT sell the information or modify the information in any manner.

Royalty Rights

Royalty Rights with a product could have both its advantages as well as its disadvantages. When receiving Royalty Rights with a product it means you have to pay the product creator a small royalty fee for every product you sell.

The advantage of having Royalty Rights rather than just being an affiliate is that you control the product sales process, the customer list as well as any backend marketing.

As such it is usually much more profitable for you to acquire Royalty Rights for a product rather than just being an affiliate. The reason for this is that the money is in the list and you can send other offers to your subscribers because as we all know "The money is in the List".

However, getting the basic Resell Rights to a product is even better as you then pay a once of fee and there is no revenue sharing involved and you still get control of the list.

The down side to this is that you usually don't get any other rights accompanied with the product which means you can not modify any part of the product in any way. This also means you cannot transfer any rights with the product.

Foreign Language Rights

Buying Foreign Language Rights with a product means you may translate the product into the language for which you have purchased the rights.

Example: Buying Foreign Language Rights to a product say German, depending on the terms of your license you then usually get reprint rights, giveaway rights, royalty rights or some form of resell rights to the product.

What is important is that you will usually only get Foreign Language Rights to one language and should you want to translate the product into for example; Romanian you will have to obtain a separate license for that.


You now have a basic idea of the various Private Label Rights Terms and Conditions. You could find some of these rights in combinations be sure to confirm what the content of your license state.

If you are not sure about your rights to a product contact the product creator and get clarity about what your rights entail. Also don't just take it by word of mouth but let the creator provide you with the permissions in writing.

Whatever you do with your Private Label Rights products always make sure what the terms of your license for the product determine.

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