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Super Landing Page Templates PLR - Over 50 Landing Page Templates.

5 HTML Site Templates PLR

5 More HTML Site Templates PLR

5 Video Squeeze Templates PLR

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8 Free Internet Marketing Scripts PLR - Includes Countdown Timer, Floating Squeeze Page and Link Cloacker

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Order Buttons PLR - Loads of order buttons to add to your sites.

How To Profit from PLR

  • Make your PLR article unique by re-writing some of the content into your own words, this way they will stand out from similar articles.
  • Convert PLR articles into video or audio podcasts.
  • Turn PLR into quick profits by writing short reports and selling them.
  • To improve your website SEO and rankings add articles to your website which are keyword rich.
  • Through Website flipping - Replicate your site and have some header and footer graphics designed for the site. Add content by using PLR articles and set up Adsense then sell the website.
  • Link your website by creating a Squidoo lens from PLR articles to setup a good back link.
  • Use PLR articles to create an audio book and put it on a CD or website and sell the CD.
  • As an affiliate marketer, use PLR to create reports and offer this as bonuses for purchasing through your link.
  • Blog posts - Use the PLR you've gathered to use for automatic blog posts. Set up the blog to have the posts be posted on a regular schedule while you go on to set up your next niche blog. Monetize these sites with Adsense for a passive income.
  • Convert content into 5 or 7 day free highly-focused eCourse. Offer it as a bonus to visitors for signing up to your mailing list.

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