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"The Money is in the List". Every internet marketer has heard this phrase at some point. Whether you are brand new or a seasoned marketer everyone knows that have a mailing list with responsive customers is the sure way to make money online. The trouble is for most newbie marketers where to begin.

The majority of so-called "Super Affiliates" and "gurus" will take you the way it is most profitable for them by introducing you to systems, institutions, services and organizations where they would get a commission for introducing you as a new member.

From personal experience I found this to be less profitable for me and after getting onto the wagon instead of in front I found that there are other ways to go.

Basic Utilities

In order to build a list there are some basic utilities or tools which one requires to build your mailing list. In this brief overview we will look at the 4 basic requirements which are;
  • Capture/Squeeze Page (I found out for myself that they are basically all the same thing just given different names in different regions and countries. In the end they do the same job).
  • Autoresponder
  • Follow up Series
  • Traffic
  • Capture/Squeeze Page
A well compiled capture/squeeze page with the right copy to attract prospective subscribers is an absolute. The squeeze page should have a short concise subscription form where the prospective subscriber could submit his/her name and email in order to receive further information. As a newbie I recommend you find the required templates available for free download under marketing tools, build your own squeeze pages and promote the link to the audience or niche you are intending to target as your future market.


An autoresponder is simply the device or tool one requires where the leads you have captured can be stored on a list and follow up messages with information regarding the product you are promoting. Autoresponders have the ability to send a sequence of follow up messages to your leads in which you give more information regarding your offer.

There are several autoresponder services available on the internet with excellent systems which will ensure your prospective lead gets their messages on time. Examples are AWeber, Getresponse, MailChimp, Trafficwave, Rocketresponder, Benchmark is the latest and several others.

There are certain elements with regard to autoresponders which you should be aware of though. While most of these autoresponder services and institutions have an affiliate program this is one of the obstacles one should be weary of. When introduced and coached by established marketers you will find that these people will undoubtedly introduce you to the autoresponder they generally favour as well as the fact that they will receive a commission for introducing you when you become a subscriber which is a benefit to remember for future use. Two responders which are generally introduced are Getresponse and AWeber for the simple reason they use a 30 day trial as a magnet to draw new members to their service. However, again from personal experience I do not recommend you make use of these free services right from the start.

Yes, for many who start online budget is a factor and therefore many fall for the 30 day free trial gimmick. The drawback however is that having to do the initial setup can take some time if you are not very techie inclined which means in the end you could lose anything from 7 to 10 to even 20 days struggling through the technical maze. Although support is available the quality of support is not of such a kind that one could easily find your way around if you are totally on your own. The detail of certain steps are not given through and this would definitely hinder your operational activation of the system which means in the end the time could run out long before you have benefitted from the free trial.

My recommendations get familiar with an easier simpler system with various other integrated tools like tracking and rotators which are all available on one premise. Although the monthly subscription start immediately you will have started to see a return on your investment (ROI) long before you would have to pay the first and second months subscription with an autoresponder like for example Getresponse or AWeber.

Save Getresponse and AWeber with their free trial for when you are ready, have built a list of about 400 to 500 subscribers and then subscribe and make use of their systems to the maximum.

Follow Up Series

A follow up series is simply a well compiled series of well structured email messages one can upload to your autoresponder which are timed to go out to your prospective lead at a preset time. Once setup these messages can basically be forgotten and the system will further drive itself even in your sleep.

These email follow up messages should include an informative description of what your service or product is about and a link to the web page or sales letter of the product you are promoting.


Last but not least is the audience required to read your initial solo ad leading to your squeeze/capture page. Without traffic all your effort has been a waste of time and means nothing.

According to some of the more established marketers and those who drive their business through online training facilities you will find that many will introduce you to the paid solo ad industry or PPC (pay-per-click) traffic. This is your own choice how you want to utilize this form of traffic. Cost per click can vary from as little as $0.25 to $2.00 per click. Many beginners does not always have the cash flow to make use of these forms of traffic to start profiting early and therefore, again from personal experience it is not always the best way to go by jumping into the deep end and paying a lot of money for clicks which might in the end not convert into paying customers assuring a break-even return on your investment.

Several of these facilities are available and I am not going to mention any here but what you should do before investing with any company who sells clicks is to research a few, get all the necessary information and then balance the scale to see which would have the best benefit for you. Myself I was introduced to a company in the beginning where I paid almost a $1,000 for clicks which were promised and to this date have yet to be delevired.

Now, there are a multitude of traffic sources. In this regard you will once again find that when being introduced to the online marketing arena and ending up at one of the bigger online training institutions they will try to introduce you to the company they favour most. As already mentioned, rather take a day or 3 to investigate and find the right one for you.


When starting online it is better to take a little time to familiarize oneself with the scope of all that is involved especially the building of your mailing list. Get as many facts and information as possible and put a simple system together which could start making money for you sooner rather than later.

The most important aspect of an online marketing business is building a list and for most this is the aspect getting the least attention. My own efforts started to show results once I started giving attention to this aspect.

I trust that the information provided will be of some assistance and all the best for your future endeavours.

Truth's and Lies About Autoresponders

When dealing with email marketing it is a basic fact that every online marketer is out to maximize this aspect of their efforts. There are however some myths (truth's and lies) about autoresponders which very few are committed of telling beginners in the industry and the autoresponder companies themselves are the biggest culprits.

The following are a few myths (truth's and lies) which you should value yourself and decide on which side of the scale they belong

Myth #1 - The Bigger the List the more the Savings.

Quite a few of the autoresponder companies promote themselves as charging a flat rate for an unlimited size list. Companies like AWeber and Getresponse however charge you for the size of your list. This in theory means unlimited size lists must save money.

In reality all autoresponders are cheap if utilized correctly. To make money you don't need a list with 10,000 subscribers, one with a 1,000 subscribers could work just as well but it requires attention. Keep your list clean by shaking out those members who have, for example not clicked and opened an email in the past 6 months. Most lists produced at least $1 per subscriber per month, actually it's much more. So if companies like AWeber and Getresponse start at $15 per month for a 1,000 member list and now your list grows to $2,500 and they charge you an additional $14.00 it could be worth your while.

Myth #2 - Double or Single Opt-in

There is the believe that double opt-in is better but, for who actually?  Better for the autoresponder company but absolutely not for the marketer.

We do everything as marketers to get the potential subscriber but, then put a 10 meter high hurdle in front of them just before the finish line. With double opt-in many confirmation emails end up in spam and the subscriber never confirms. When doing list maintenance at some point on a list with just over 200 subscribers I eventually deleted 20% of the names on the list due to the fact that these subscribers have been unconfirmed for more than 6 months.

The majority of 6 and 7 figure earners do not use double opt-in. Now, if this works for them why can it not work for us?

Myth #3 - The Law Requires Double Opt-in

Hogwash! There are those who believe double opt-in is required by law in countries like Germany and Canada which is totally false. There are those countries which require "Express Consent" which means single opt-in is express consent. No country in the world require double-opt-in by law.

Myth #4 - Abuse is prevented by Double Opt-in

Yes, to a certain extent because your email has to be accessed to confirm the subscription but this just means that you cannot be signed up by someone else without confirmation from yourself.

It does not mean you keep the burglars out of your house by locking all the doors. Getting email messages from someone harvesting email addresses on the internet is not excluded. I get them regularly in my support and info mail boxes simply because they are available for anyone to see. However, these are mailboxes which there are no reply services for and therefore it does not bother me.

Points to Consider When Building Your List

List Building Methods

The following are basic List Building Methods which can be applied to get started with building your list;

  • Paid Solo Ads - (Not recommended when  starting on a low budget)
  • Viral Mailers
  • Safelists
  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Ad Blasters

Several companies exist which specialize in the sending of a single solo ad to their list of subscribers.

However, a word of caution when using these facilities:

Before utilizing a solo ad service first do some proper investigating and research into the credentials of the company or individuals who render these services. There are various so called solo ad specialists claiming to be legit. The contrary is actually true. You could find yourself tied up with an individual claiming to be a specialist but trade under several names and who does not have the bona fides to substantiate this claim.

Over the next few months I will attempt to build a list of reputable solo ad institutions which you can then further investigate and utilize for this purpose.

In most cases paid solo ad companies will prepare the ad for the initial solo ad  for you but if you have to compile your own solo ad make sure of the following:

  • Subject Line
  • Headline
  • Body - Short and to the point and create curiosity
  • "Call-to-Action"
  • Keep the important stuff "Above the Fold" (Read "The Kitchen Table Report" for detail)

General Points of Importance

  • Do not promote your primary business opportunity when attempting a List Building Operation
  • Use Splash Pages in Traffic Exchanges. You can even use them with Viral Mailers and Safelists.
  • Do not attempt to introduce your product or service in your solo ad when using any form of email ad. Use it as a curiosity converter to get the reader to sign up to your mailing list.
  • Distinguish between benefits and features and promote the benefits of your product or service in your solo ad.
  • Do not try to sell anything in your welcome letter when someone subscribes. You have your follow up series from your autoresponder to do that for you.

You have between 10 and 30 seconds with mailers, safelists and traffic exchanges to capture the curiosity of your audience, don't squander it. Make use of catch phrases, eye-catching subject and headlines and curiosity teasing, benefit promoting lines in your body to wind in your reader to complete your opt-in form.

Finally, check your grammar and spelling, many which have excellent ads and squeeze pages lose prospective leads due to bad grammar and spelling. At age 60+ still to this day I have a dictionary on my desk next to me every time I write any type of copy. It just leaves a good impression with your reader and has a funny way of getting readers to decide to opt-in anyway.

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