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A listing of the best viral mailers and list builders that allow you
to cut down on the mails coming to you inbox.

The term List Builder refer to two main types of mailers which are Viral Mailers and Safelists.

A Safelist is a mailing list where the members that subscribed to the safelist can mail each other. The majority of safelists are credit based which implies that one has to read the messages of other members in order to earn credit. Earning credits then in turn allows you to send email ads to a specific number of members depending on the safelist. Many safelists also have basic text and banner advertising to get your offers more exposure.

In the case of Viral List Builders on the other side there is a slight difference in that one can only limited number of random members per week, say 500. If you refer any members to the service, then they go under you and you can email them in addition to your allotted amount. You earn credits for reading emails and also for referring members, and these credits don't just have to be used for mailings, in fact you can get a lot of different advertising, from banner ads, text links, login ads etc. This gives you more opportunities to get your ads seen.

A good practice to adopt very soon is to always track your results when using Viral List Builders and Safelists in order to find out which is working best for you.

When making use of Squeeze Pages, you could use a tracker from Trck.me as they not only let you know the clicks the page got and from where, but the conversion rate as well. If you are using a simple Splash Page, then I would suggest using a link cloaker such as Bit.ly, which will allow you to view statistics by simply adding a "+" to the end of your link (eg: bit.ly/LinkId+) or simply signup for free to get all the details in the members area.

Another site which not only provide the ability to track your links but gives a variety of links which could be used on different sites to do the tracking is ViralURL. You can not only track the performance of your squeeze and splash pages but also track your conversions.

Recommended List Builder Tools

Viral Mail Profits - Centralize preparation for your mailings under one central system. Although Viral Mail Profits does not physically send your mailings to the various Safelists and Viral List Builders it gives you the ability to somewhat standardize the quality of your ads. It cloaks your links with a built-in tracker for each list you are mailing to and provides a full report of all your mailings. Pre-set templates can reduce the work load Keeps track of all of your mailers as well as the time of your next mailing. Even keeps track of your messages so you have everything you need ready to mail right at one place. Join for FREE now!

Recommended List Builders

List Builders are a very effective way of getting traffic to your website(s). There are literally hundreds of Viral Mailers and Safelists available. However care should be taken as to which of these you make use of. No two of them are alike and in many cases the possibility exist that they do not serve the purpose due to the fact that the Niche for which they were actually created does not fall within the bounds of what you are marketing. Below is a list of the ones I use personally. Through tracking over a period of time you should be able to determine which work best for you.

A good indicator to consult regularly to determine which are the best performing List Builders is List Hoopla.

Key: ($) = Cash Reward.

Adchiever: An excellent List Builder that allows free members to post to 1200 random members per day, as long as you have the credits. But this mailer is different in that you not only earn credits, but achievement points as well. With these achievement points you earn rewards such as: extra credits, membership upgrades etc. So the more you use the system the better the rewards you get.

Build My Downlines: Quite an old mailer, but still very effective. It has a basic text ad facility in the members area as well, where you can earn more credits if you haven't earned enough from the emails sent to you.

List Surfing: Essentially a traffic exchange but the rewards from the site are enormous. Not only do you earn above average credits for viewing emails but visitors to your site are returned at a ratio of 1:6. Banner advertising is also available.

#1ProfitRing: A very young site compared to most but the site owner has gone out of bounds to give results. Mailings are limited to one mailing in seven days for free members. You also get a spotlight ad which can be purchased with credits and runs for seven days. This feature doubles the number of credits earned per email received.

Bweeble: ($) This mailer allows you to build your own personal brand and it allows you to specially create your branded profile that you can share across ALL the advertising networks. Also you can win cash whilst reading emails.

Email-Hog: (
$) A unique mailer in that it guarantees you a click rate of 2% on your emails, or they return all your credits. Also has a weekly draw for the members who read the most mails and you can win cash and other prizes.

List Adventure: List Adventure has been completely remodelled and is now an activity-based mailer, that allows you to do all kinds of different things that gives you activity points. The more activity points you earn, the higher your level will be and the more free credits will be added to every email you send out! Join for FREE now and mail instantly to 1000 members.

List Bonus: Another quite basic mailer, but still getting great results from this one. Free members can send out 1000 emails every week.

List Joe: Viral List Builder with 6 levels of referrals, which you can email for free!

State-of-the-Art-Mailer: (
$) This mailer uses a tiered mailing system, in that you start off with being able to mail to 500 random members and by earning points you can move up to the 1500 and 3000 mailing buttons, paid members get higher button levels. One of the most interesting features of this mailer is the profit sharing, as long as you click over 50% of the emails you receive, then you are entered into the monthly draw to win $100 and many other prizes.

SplashPageSurfer: Ideal if you are upgraded at those sites or have lots of spare credits! For free members this is a huge bonus as you basically only have to view one email to send to as many as ten members.

The List Auction: Provides a credit mailer and an auction system where you can buy the list by bidding on it.

Recommended Tools
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