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Reduce the BS - Vault of Knowledge

With time Reduce the BS will present articles and links to articles with an Unlimited Vault of Information to help you get passed the techie stuff and build your business.

Several Articles and blogs could be directly linked to their site of origin.

You may use the information to expand your knowledge base and you may use the content as reference to creating your own content on the topic or subject catagorie.

You may NOT duplicate the content and create a new blog or article in such a manner that it constitutes plagiarism. In order to use such factual material to emphasize your point we suggest you get in touch with the originator of the content to ask for permission.

Our own blog posts will be indicated as such. Free for download PLR articles will be indicated as well with a link to the download area.

Please refrain from breaking any rules when using this information as it is being made available to help you and others like you. However, this service will be discontinued the moment we receive complaints of any infraction.


  1. What is Reduce the BS?
Reduce the BS was created after the site owner realized that the tsunami of information delivered to individuals are of such nature that the ability of one individual to absorb all this and get a proper online business setup to make money was almost impossible. In most cases this information, no matter where it originates are accompanied by a lot of hype, BS, lies and deception distributed by a vast number of organizations, institutions and individuals seeking to make a quick buck. The latter being some of the biggest culprits and seeking overnight riches are also in the majority of cases the ones who does not care whether you succeed or not.

Therefore it is the aim and the purpose of Reduce the BS to provide beginners and those who have been struggling for some time to make money online with the knowledge and resources to achieve their goals of establishing a profitable online business.
  1. Can anyone become a member?
Yes. Reduce the BS is a Free membership site specifically intended to support and provide newbies and struggling online marketers with the tools required to grow their online business. However, established marketers and anyone supporting this vision to reduce the 97% failure rate of new online business folk are also welcome to join.
  1. How do I become a member of Reduce the BS?
To join Reduce the BS all that is required is to signup on any opt-in form to become an active member on the site mailing list.
  1. Are there any signup fees involved?
NO. Accept for the PLR products available, at market related prices, in the PLR Mania Section membership to the site is 100% FREE and ALWAYS will be. There are no registration fee, signup fee, membership upgrades or any other form of payment to be made here. Defenitely a site where much value can be gained without any credit card available.
  1. Could I end my membership later?
YES. You may discontinue your membership at any time simply by clicking on any unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email you receive from us. However, we would not recommend this action as active members will be kept up to date with future developments and will be the first to receive partnership offers with the development and launch of 5 new sites in the not to distant future. These sites are all intended to, first of all support newbies and struggling marketers in their attempts to become successful online business men and women and in the second place to create new business opportunities for those members who wish to expand their business in future.
  1. Does Reduce the BS have a Support System? 
YES. To the best of my ability I currently handle all support requests ourselves and you might not get answers to your questions within 24 hours like with the well established sites but, I will give personal attention to every request and if not able to provide the correct answer immediately I will find the right source to be able to help you with your issue and in the process I could be learning something myself. Reduce the BS is set on finding the right answers to questions nobody wishes to answer thus fighting the BS, Hype and Lies fed to people just for others to make a buck.
  1. Would I be able to make money as an active member?
The answer to this question is two fold. YES, by reselling the products you are able to download from the download section you could make money by being an active member.

NO, Reduce the BS currently is not an affiliate site. Although we might consider this option in future you will not receive credits or commissions for referring others to the site. As I am purely set on helping people obtain the information and resources they require to give their own business momentum and start making money online sooner than later, we trust that the benefit of just being an active member on the mailing list will encourage them to share the site with others going through the same frustration, agony and annoyance of trying to establish an online business.
  1. How can I promote Reduce the BS?
Simply by using the following methods:
  • There are banners available for download under the Home section.
  • To use these banners use the relevant image links and the link to the download site for the report "The Kitchen Table Report" - "Why Don't You Read My Mail?"
  • Referrals will then be able to signup to the mailing list of Reduce the BS to download their copy.
  1. What benefits wil I get from continued membership and future developments?
(a)  With regular downloads from the downloads section you will be receiving some of the hottest and most sought after PLR products which you can sell and keep 100% of the profits.

(b)  You will also be able to gain access to those techie answers which have the majority of newbie marketers stuck and struggling for days and weeks to get ahead and concentrate on the more important issues of their online business. Help offered is help given. Too many people in the online marketing industry use the phrase "We are here to Help" without knowing the real meaning and assisting you by giving the correct answer to your questions. Reduce the BS is set on carrying out the "We are here to Help" phrase by actually addressing the issue and not sidestepping it. Too many newbies are discouraged and eventually give up because their actual issues are not addressed. Here at Reduce the BS I am set on joining hands and finding answers to relevant issues in support of each other and not my own greedy interests. I know what is involved in actually keeping us out of circulation and I intend to establish a strong newbie friendly environment in support of each other.

(c)  With the development and launch of the new planned sites members of Reduce the BS will be the first to get access to a "One Time Offer" which will be truly just a OTO for the first 1,000 members, JV partners and Founder Members. At this time I do not want to reveal any of this information in the least but, what I can assure you is that this offer will be of such a nature that even well established members of the online marketing fraternity will wish they are back in "newbie-land". The initial offer will only go to; 1st, Members of Reduce the BS. 2nd Those who can truly certify that they are geniune newbies or have been struggling and suffering to establish their online presence for less than 30 months and 3rd. those who can truly certify that they are interested and willing to pull their resources to help newbies in the industry excell themselves to a profitable level without pulling out all their twisted ideas of why one would not make it in the online marketing industry and in the process filling their own greedy pockets.

  1. How soon will I be able to start making money and earn a living? 
This is not an easy question to answer and I will try to be as honest and specific as possible.

As Reduce the BS is not a Training Site like some of the established and well known training sites on the internet I will attempt to provide access to what I believe to be the best training available for your particular need at the time.

I can not guarantee any sort of outcome as different things work in different ways for different people. However, as this is not a paid membership site I am not set on taking your money and continue taking it before I have helped you to make any.

Too many sites provide a 7, 14, 21 and even 30 day trial for new members to test-drive their system. By the time one has worked through all the training, gone through all the hype and technicalities of setting up stuff like auto-responders and sales funnels the 7 or 30 day trial is over and you start to pay for your membership.

At this point the training goes into the next mode and still you have not started to make money. Now at this point like with one specific system I got involved in, your credit card is debited and you get a notification that should you not ask for a downgrade and/or a refund within 7 days they will assume that you have accepted the terms and this recurring payment will continue in future.

At this point one still has not made any money, not even enough to pay the next deduction but you are not established with the working of the backoffice and indications are, due to people being unwilling to assist you with those particular issues that nothing is going to change any time soon.

By the time you get through all the hyped up training, sorted out the technicalities and established your way around the backoffice a year has passed and you have been paying month after month for nothing.

When asking for help you get a brushoff or are given the runaround by people telling you to concentrate on stuff which are not relevant to the issue at hand and the frustration grow more and more.

As this is the general pattern I am following another route. I will try to provide you with access to training and assist with issues which have you stuck as much as possible.

The point for you to start making money is totally in your hands and is dictated by the frequency with which you move through the various issues to get your system rolling and starting to work for you.

Advice and access to resources is what I provide and I will support and encourage you as far as possible. Concidering my own position I know and understand exactly what effort it takes to getting a system in place which can start earning money for you. I do however recommend that you use the resources, advice and services I present as I have found that these are the elements pulling us through the gauntlet and into a revenue generating situation.

At this time I do want to render a word of thought. Do not get discouraged and/or sucked into those who have this brave genious idea of not having the right mindset, not "Taking Action" using words like, "Stay absolved in your situation" or "Maybe this is not for You" or using degrading and belittling terms. They are many and they are the "gurus" and "geniuses" who can't even remember what they had for their last meal. These people are evil and mean and would do anything to suck you into a situation to spend a bundle of money without caring whether you make money with their so-called "genius" wonder product or system.

They do not care whether you make money from it not even talking about making a profit. They also are the wonder boys and girls who can't remember what it was like for them in the beginning. It's easy to be big-mouthed when you have found the way and been doing the same thing for 10 and 15 years and then have this brave degrading and belittling attitude. With time, endurance, commitment, passion and the will to get through the gauntlet you will eventually get to the other side and by then you will laugh at yourself for climbing out the wall. Rome was not built in one day and to think you can master everything there is to learn about online marketing in one day is the reason for the majority of failures. Just keep on applying what you learn and eventually the flood gates will open and you will start to see indications of progress and a steady flow of income and profits.

  1. How can we get support from Reduce the BS?
Our support help desk email is available at the bottom of each web page, and on all email messages you will receive. Simply click on the link and send an email to the address on the link.

  1. Who can make use of the vacant advertising slots? 
Advertising slots on the Reduce the BS website are specifically there for the use of members in the first place and to linked sites. To occupy a vacant advertising slot simply follow the instructions or send an email to our support help desk for more information.


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