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(Last Date Updated - August 20th, 2017)

Message to Members

1.  Below are gifts from Site Owners and Freelancers with Private Label Rights which you can download.
2.  To download a gift simply click on the Text Link or the "Contact the Owner" Link to download the product.
3.  The first column is the site owners banner and the second is the product available
Note: The banners are not live only the links.

Site Owners & Freelancers

1.  To add a gift to our gifts page simply get in contact with our Support Help Desk by email at support@reducethebs.com to place an order for a gift slot.

2.  Please Submit the following information when sending your email

a.  Your Sites 125 x 125 Banner URL
b.  Image of your gift not larger than 200 x 200
c.  Title and Description of your product, maximum 200 characters
d.  Your Squeeze Page URL or whichever link URL you deem necessary.

3.  Gifts should have MR Rights or PL Rights which the receiver could turn to his/her benefit. There are no costs involved for the advertisers at this time
4.   Make sure that your gift include FREE Giveaway Rights as well as Branding Rights, as this is a Free Membership Site and we would not like to run into trouble with the original owner or publisher.
5.   The reason for this last request is specifically in order to assist and support new and struggling marketers to provide as much as possible resources to have them start earning some money.
6.   As a final endeavour we would appreciate any content in the form of articles, tips and advice, etc or any other updates you could provide from time to time which we could add to the Knowledgebase.

Note #1: The banners are not live only the links are.
Note #2: At this time there are a maximum of 15 gift slots available so make sure you reserve your spot. Gifts will be added on a first come first served basis.
Note #3: The site has no membership data base and no promotional or other material at this time. You automatically become a Free Member when opting in to our mailing list from any opt-in form from the site or a squeeze page directly linked to the site.
Note #4: We are in the planning stages of a membership site which will have really WOW! awesome benefits and advantages for members specially newbies and marketers who have already been struggling to really make money online for up to 3 years.

Anyone supporting this site now in an attempt to break the 97% "voodoo" hanging over those who start in the online industry will be the first to be advised of the launch of the new site which with grace we hope to launch by mid-July beginning August 2017. This site will be something totally out of the ordinary and the benefits to all will be something not seen in internet marketing history.

Banners displayed in the gift areas are those of sites with which we are currently affiliated but does not exclude any other individuals or sites whishing to place a gift here

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