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Classified Ads are a simple way to get your product or service promotions spread over a wide range of advertising sites. In comparison to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising they are actually relatively cheap. Due to the fact that they could in the majority of sites, with some limitations, be posted for Free for a term of between 30 and 90 days the time and effort is well worth it.

Recommended Classified Ad Sites

Following below are classified ad sites I personally use and recommend.

Classified Submissions - Possibly one of the biggest classified ad submission services. Post a single ad to 550,000 sites in no time. Ads last for 30 days.

FreeAdsPlanet.com - Post Free Ads

ClassifiedAds.com - Free classified ads website for cars, jobs, real estate, and everything else. Find what you're looking for or create your own ad for free!

SaleSpider.com - Post free classified ads and list your business on the internet for free.

Classified Ads for Free - Create an account and then post your free ad.

The Free Ad Forum - Post Free Classified Ads. Another free ad forum for online marketers.

BackPage.com - Create an account and post your Free Ads. Ads last 30 days.

CraigsList.org - Create your account and follow the instructions to post your ads.

Classified Ads Unlimited - Create an account and post your free ads.

Other Classified Ad and Text Ad Sites

Following below are sites where you could post text ads which I personally use and recommend.


A great site with a reach of 111,111 websites to post your text ads is Funguppy. This is a truly viral text ad site. On signup you basically get 3 websites to post text ads in various formats.

Confirmed Traffic

Post ads for free. Ads last for 24hrs in the system. You can extend them by 3 days, post your ad then check your email and click the link in the email to extend them by 3 days for free! Ads are seen by more REAL people more often!

A-Z Adboard

Post text ads on your own adboard. Ads are shown to other members and your ads are displayed on various sites. Combine this with Ad Viralizer and Hotlink Cycler and you have a true viral advertising system. The main linked site is Cash-in-on-Banners which can be joined as a free member but, with a one time $10 upgrade you can truly viralize your advertising to a massive audience. Below are the sites in this co-op which all marketers should have in their advertising arsenal.

HotLink Cycler

Points are assigned to links at random. Power Ad links produce more points than Free Ad links. In addition, there are always 1 or 2 Hot Links on the page that could be worth a jackpot of up to 300 points (or even 1000 for PRO members), so it's always beneficial to spend some time browsing every day.

SafeList With a Twist - and a Cycler!

Ad Viralizer

You qualify for posting your Power Ad the moment you refer at least one advertiser. This ad displays more and more often as your team of personally referred advertisers grows!

Classified Ads Board

Post 4 Classified Ads per day as a free member. Site include a free rotator

My Ad Board Traffic

Post your five favorite links as a free member and have them displayed on a large number of sites bringing plenty visitors to your sites

Post Free Ads
My Ad Board Traffic

Big Sky Traffic

Primarily a Text Ad Exchange a good place for newbies to start as you receive $200 worth of free advertising. On the Setup Ads page submit Promo Code: welcome to setup your free advertising. Include 12 text ads and 12 banner ads with 1000 impressions each as well as a login ad.

Other sites I recommend where you could post free text ads are The Free Ads Depot, Credit Ads Depot and Crocodile Ads which are each hosted through a large network. Membership is free and by upgrading the benefits increase exponentiolly. All these sites provide good advertising for newbies in order to start making some money.


Adzly is another free site where you earn credits for displying text ads in a very attractive widget. Free members can have unlimited

ReducetheBS Recommend

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