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Read the Article: How to Boost Your Banner CTR

Read the Article: How to Boost Your Banner CTR

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Banners are a great way to bring your message across to the masses. By posting your banners to the right sites you could reach a larger and wider audience. However, as explained in the article "How to Boost Your Banner CTR" they have their limitations. Follow the advice in the article combined with the following you would be able to increase your banner CTR if you make use of these ways to advertise with banners.

The fortunate thing about banners, if one apply certain other tactics, they take a little time initially but over the long term your effort will be worth it.

Banner Advertising Tools

Advertising with banners can be a tedious and exhausting task depending on the amount of sites you have joined as a member. Visiting every site to post your banners and rotate those which does not attract viewers can take up a lot of ones time.

Making use of banner rotators saves time as banners can easily be changed with little effort and in one or two spot. As a newbie the one thing we need to control in our budget is advertising as that is also about the most expensive investment in our business.

The solution therefore lies in making use of banner rotators. There are several sites where you could find banner rotators and the following are ones which I personally recommend. All of them have a Free member program and by promoting the site one could also benefit by building your downline.

Caution should however be taken to manage and track these rotators on the various sites, an exercise which I realized very late. In an effort to keep track of the sites where I posted banner rotators I have compile a simple Cheat Sheet for my own use.

You can download a copy of The Banner Rotator Cheat Sheet and adjust it to fit your own needs and requirements.


Banner Rotator Cheat Sheet
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Banner Rotators

Ad some Intelligence to Your Banners
Intelli Banners

Most certainly the number 1 banner advertising tool one must have in your banner advertising Arsenal. Intelli Banners allow Free members may have up to 30 rotators with 100 banners on each. Intelli Banners keep stats of your banners and by visiting the site once a week you could form an excellent idea of how well your banners perform.

Reduce the BS highly recommend
Intelli Banners as your first choice for banner advertising.

10 Times the Traffic in 1/10th the Time

Traffic Zipper provides for Free Members to have as many as 5 Banner Rotators with 20 banners per rotator. Stats are kept and can be viewed by simply visiting the site regularly and examining your banners.

Not only does TrafficZipper provide banner rotators but Free Members may also have as many as 5 Site rotators with 20+ URL attached to it. In addition
TrafficZipper also provides for a mailing facility

Finally when signing up with
TrafficZipper one also receive an amazing amount of credits and bonuses at sites like ViralURL, ViralHosts, ViralinBox, List Auction and ViralAdStore.

Reducet the BS most definitely recommend
TrafficZipper as a banner advertising tool.

Viral Banner Advertising Sites

Get Your Banners Out To Our Network
Banner Farmer

Free Members can add one banner everyday and upgraded members 5. Your Banner is valid for 7 days. Earn commission from members who signup under you. Upgraded members earn more.

Let Your Banners Travel Around the World
My Free Banner Bus

Free members can add 4 banners and upgraded members 8. Add your banners and promote your link, other members do the same. That way your banners travel to multiple destinations and is viewd by 1'000's. Lifetime upgrade is $10 one time. Truly viral advertising.

Buckets opf Banners
Buckets of Banners

Buckets of Banners is a banner exchange but with a twist. Instead of them displaying your banners on multiple sites you display banners on your site. You can also earn credits by surfing banners.

Cash in on Banners
Cash In On Banners

Allows you to show 3 banners on other members sites and 6 as a paid member. Paid membership is a one time subscription of $10 which makes it absolutely worth it to become a pai member. You earn $10 commission for every second referral.

The viral power of Cash in on Banners are seated in the linked sites Ad Viralizer and Hotlink Cycler. Combinethese sites with the A-Z Adboard this makes for true viral advertising. Read more about the viral power of these sites in the Classified Section.

Let Your Banners Go Viral
Viral Banner Ad Co-op

Viral Banner Ad Co-op is part of the Viral Ad Co-op Network. Free members can add 2 banners in rotation and Silver Members can add 5. You can turn unused credits on sites like Traffic Exchanges into a Targeted source. Displaying the co-op banner rotator on your sites you can earn credits which then allow you to display your banners on 1,000's of sites for FREE!

Viral Repeat
Viral Repeat

With this advertising system you have to click 7 banners daily to keep your banner ads in rotation. Free members can have 5 banners in rotation for a 24 hour cycle. With this system a tool like Intelli Banners comes in very handy as you could have as many as 500 banners in rotation just remember to log in daily and click the 7 ads on the site. This take between 5 and 7 minutes which is time well spent.

Real Viral Traffic at vTrafficRush.com!
Viral Traffic Rush

Your Branded Viral Ad Page provides REAL Viral Advertising as other members join under you. Your ad is also seen on their pages creating viral advertising that really multiplies and exponentially grows as your downline grow.

Other Banner Advertising Sites

The following are advertising sites where you could start posting your banner ads. These sites provide a fair deal of banner advertising and they are also very generous with the amount of credits they donate on sign up. Myself I have joined many of these sites a year aor more ago and many of my ads are still running. In most cases their sign up bonuses begin at as little as $200 in Free advertising to up as much as $1,000 in advertising bonuses.

Perpetual Web Traffic Generator
Viral Links Pro

Is a Advertising Exchange. Friendly to newbies. New members get started with 100,000 ad credits comprising of 50,000 Banner views, 50,000 Text views, 5 Solo Ads and 2 Login Ads. Use Promo Code: [newmember]

Viral Cash Multiplier

Another advertising exchange where new members get a load of credits for signing up. Is a Instant Commissions List Building Site, A Text Ad Exchange, A Traffic Exchange, A Safelist all in one. Get 1 Lifetime Banner, 10 Banner and 10 Text ads with 1,000 credits each on signup, $300 value advertising

City Pennysaver

NOT a FREE site but for the value and exposure $10 to sponsor a city and post 40 banners are worth it. Your $10 contribution keeps your city and banners in rotation for 12 months.

Banner Advertising Promo Codes

When you join many sites like mailers and safelists there usually is a bonus giveaway with regard to credits included in these credits are some banner and text ad credits as well.

However, many of these sites only give enough just to get you started. To neutralize this I recommend these sites where you could get a magnitude of advertising credits for mailing, banners and text ads.

Traffic Codex

Membership at Traffic Codex is free and one could literally grab $100's of free credits

Truckloads of Ads

Not a Free Site as one has to enroll and pay a one time $10 fee but again a paid subscritption which is worth every dime.

Visit the Promo Code Page for more information.

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