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About Theuns

Early Life

My Name is Theunis Gert Victor born in Johannesburg, South Africa on April 10, 1956 into an ordinary South African family.

My father was born in one of the most beautiful little towns in the Western Cape called Bonnievale, between Swellendam and Robertson. My mother was born in a Southern Free State Town called Bethuli on the edges of the Orange River near what is today called the Garip Dam. I have one brother who is a lawyer in Cape Town, aged 58.

After school I left for Pretoria to start a military career in what was then called the South African Defence Force and in the South African Army starting of as a personnel clerk and later during my officers training re-mustering to the logistic side as I decided I was more interested in logistics than human resources.

After my officers training at the then Services School and The Army Gymnasium I was sent to Grootfontein as the Quartermaster of a newly established unit and that started my professional military career as an officer.

In 1978 I was transferred from Northern Transvaal Command in Pretoria to 1 Maintenance Unit in Kimberley where I served for 2 and a half years until transferred to Messina (today Musina) until the end of 1980 when I ended my military service due to a lack of proper compensation.

It was during my term of service at 1 Maintenance Unit which I got introduced and fell in love with my first wife and got married in October 1980. Three children had been born from the marriage however, I have to say it was a stormy 34 year marriage and after she decided the affection of another man was more acceptable we got divorced and I got married again too soon and the marriage only lasted a couple of months.

Career Life

In general I have always been someone who has been prepared to take a risk in order to better my life and that of my family. However, there are those who get concreted into a job, and what is only a job, who will stick with it for 40 years and this also did not really suite my first or second family.

During my career life I have changed jobs several times always looking for that one golden opportunity which will not necessarily make me a billionaire but which will afford me the opportunity to better my lifestyle and that of my loved ones as well as to, in the process serve others in any way I can.

These job changes did not always meet with requirements and in some cases working conditions in general had been to say the least appalling and just not my way to a better life.

In 2007 I returned to the now South African National Defence Force in my old capacity as a logistics officer and stayed there until forced to early retirement through government policy in 2013.

It was during my career life while working as an insurance advisor in Cape Town that I was introduced to my first personal computer and although interested in computers before I was now fascinated with the idea. I utilized every spare moment I had available to investigate and experiment and to practice.

You see back then we did not have all the fancy gimmicks and gadgets which are available today. Everything had to be done manually and to enter the interface of an application one had to type a long command at the prompt to be able to do so.

However, this made me more determined and since that day in February 1990 when I purchased my first 20mb hard drive XT personal computer I have never lost my interest in the magic of it.

This caused a lot of bad vibes between my first wife, my kids and me because not only did I like to play with things and constantly try new things but I liked to play games when I was younger and this caused a lot of annoyance with the family.

One of the first gadgets included with that first PC was a modem and this even grabbed my attention more. With every new PC I bought after that I just had to have one in order to communicate with others, even though in the beginning years it was through bulletin boards and things like that.

Online Marketing Mania

Since buying that first PC and having a modem to have some sort of communication with others I had it in the back of my head all the time to help people all over the world and to be in business on what is today known as the internet.

When the first commercial website was launched back in 1994 and the superior Windows 95 with a processor introduced as the Pentium I saw the light in 1995 being able to have an online business became a dream and eventually an obsession.

I followed some of the big online marketers on the internet for a number of years and always dreamed of having what they have. However due to a lack of the necessary "technical" knowledge and skills this never materialised.

This dream kept on becoming bigger and the obsession became a phobia. When retired in 2013 and after a stormy period of employment with some security firm for about 18 months I just could not adapt and left to "go and do my own thing". It was at this time that the reality of starting to build my own online business took shape and I started digging into the internet to find ways to start "making money online". Several options was investigated and after getting involved with one scammer after the other I realized this was not going to be easy but, never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine running into the nightmare of online marketing the way I did.

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Hype, Bullshit, Bullies, Lies and Deception

The wickedness of what was actually going on behind the scenes when it comes to online marketing shuddered me to a rude awakening since I started this endeavour a year and 7 months ago and I have to admit I have been indescribably disappointed with the volume of complication, disinformation, misinformation, lies, deception, hype and overall crap which are fed to especially newbies on a daily base.

My goal was to find the required sites and organizations where one could find all the tools and resources to work online and to post it on a website where my South African compatriots, ravaged by lay-offs, reduction in the actual creation of jobs, closing of factories, mines and industries providing jobs, etc could then find it and start a process by which they could become independent and self-sustaining. This however was wishful thinking because, regretfully I have to admit, Sorry to say but the majority of us South Africans are a lazy people who want to make money doing nothing and becoming millionaires overnight.

This became the nightmare within a nightmare as I had soon realized that this was a wasted effort. For example, to pay a simple one time subscription fee of $18 to eventually retrieve a multitude of payments over time is not considered a job because one has to pay for the information, resources and knowledge. So, if I have to pay for something to make an investment in my own life and be able to get a 1,000 more in return that is not considered a true job. Starting an online business according to the majority of my compatriots should be totally Free, Gratis and without any financial commitment of any kind.

Getting back to the matter of all the rubble being spread on the internet and considering all the blockades, barriers, walls and oceans I had to endure with and get around, through, over and underneath, the one thing I did realize was that there was a massive need for information to answer newbie specific questions.

One of the biggest challenges is coping with the information overflow coming to one in the beginning, like the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, there just is not enough place to hold on not to get swallowed up and sucked in to a situation where one is so busy "Taking Action" that you don't take the right action. Much of the training presented on the internet by a multitude of individuals, joint ventures, organizations and institutions are excellent training, however, in 98% of the cases it is not newbie friendly and even though the providers of this information would tell that it is "BuildaWebsite101, it lacks the nitty gritty detail when it comes to setting up anything.

To register a domain, for example is one thing and one can find literally 1'000's of places and pieces of information on the internet to take you through the basic steps but, if one does not know what each piece of IT jargon means and one does not know what the requirements are for each field in the signup section and the register domain section then if nobody tells you what it means, you could sit and struggle for days to register and host your domain.

Many sites have very lucrative offers on their websites but once you get inside and it's time to submit your credit card detail then you find out the $2.95 per month has now all of a sudden changed into $314.67 after they have added all the extras and calculated the payment for a minimum of 12 months up to 3 years.

These factors I have found to be deceiving and in the end discouraging and it is against the background of matters like these and a vault full of other misleading and disinformative rabble that I have decided to change my approach towards my personal online business.


The aim of "Reduce the BS" will be to provide information to especially newbies and those who have been struggling for at least the past 24 to 36 months to generate a proper income online, to get past the Hype, BS and Lies and to help in any way I can by providing those pieces of information left out when approached by established online marketers.

Regular updates to new information will be provided and shared. All the pages on the site have an opt-in form. Membership is Free and all you have to do is submit your details and receive these updates.

I believe that 95% of the work, systems and procedures to "Take Action" and start making money online is available Free on the internet and once you have discovered these gateways becoming profitable could be just around the corner.

As much as I would like to be one of the many who earn millions right now it is more important for me now to help others get through the maze I have been stumbling through for months before getting to a stage where my own plane got airborne and of the runway.

What some people however do not understand is that one cannot build a house and then come and lay the foundation afterwards. In some countries this is possible but in South Africa where house is generally build with brick and mortar this is not possible. To get systems running smoothly one has to do the basic things right from the start.

In the words of one of my all time heroes:

"I Don't Pay For The Same Real Estate Twice"
(Genl George S. Patton Jnr)

My Best Wishes accompany you in your endeavours and;

"Never Let Anybody Tell You, You Won't Make IT".

The online marketing cake is humungously Huge and there is a piece for everybody.

See You at The Top

Theuns Victor

General Notice

When visiting this site keep your eyes open for a special announcement of a Facebook Group exclusively for newbies. The group will be established soon and will be there for the exclusive membership of newbies and struggling marketers to exchange ideas and information to help each other succeed with their online marketing efforts.

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your
full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door
to personal excellence: Confucius

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